For Immediate Release
Advisory for Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peter Cervantes-Gautschi: 503-705-3343
Rose Arrieta:  510-282-6737

Thousands to disrupt, at Wells Fargo and General Electric shareholder meeting to demand Wells Fargo and General Electric stop financing private prisons and start paying their fair share of taxes

Enlace as part of the New wave of 99% activism holding big corporations accountable to the public

San Francisco and Detroit – On Tuesday, April 24, and Wednesday, April 25, Enlace’s Private Prison Divestment Campaign will join thousands of people to confront Wells Fargo and GE executives at their annual shareholder meetings, to demand Wells Fargo and General Electric Executives address the concerns of the 99%.

Wells Fargo and General Electric directly make profit by incarcerating people from Immigrant communities.  The prison business is one of human rights violations for profit. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against private prisons because of the abuse, rape, and wrongful deaths of people detained inside. The Geo Group (Geo) and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) together own 80% of the for-profit prison beds in the United States. Among other demands, protesters will demand Wells Fargo and General Electric immediately stop doing financing the private prison industry.

The 99% activists include a diverse group of shareholders, homeowners facing foreclosure, immigrant rights activists, faith organizations and labor groups from around the country.

Protesters will call on Wells Fargo to end practices that profit from community losses including  financing private prisons, predatory lending, tax dodging, and foreclosures. The groups are demanding that Wells Fargo halt foreclosure pending investigation and reform, help homeowners by resetting post-bubble mortgages to their fair market values, divest from private prisons and immigrant detention centers, pays its fair share of federal taxes, and end predatory lending practices to individuals and municipalities.

Protesters will also call on General Electric to pay their fair share in taxes. Create—and stop killing—good jobs in their communities, end the shameful income gap between its top executives and everyone else, and take its corporate money out of our democracy.

WHAT: Thousands protest Wells Fargo and General Electric shareholder meeting with some attending meeting to voice grievances directly to Wells Fargo and General Electric executives.

WHEN and Where:

San Francisco:  10am, Justin Herman plaza, then march to 465 California St, San Francisco, CA

Detroit: 8 a.m., Hart Plaza on Jefferson Avenue (near the Renaissance Center)

WHO: Thousands of community, faith, labor, immigrant rights and student activists

More info at:
Follow the action on Twitter with #wf24 #wfshareholders #notfeelingwells
On Facebook at: Enlace Facebook Page  and 99% Power Facebook Page

The broad coalition of community, faith, and labor organizations participating includes: Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Alliance for Just Society, Causa Justa/Just Cause, Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO), EnLace, International Forum on Globalization, National People’s Action, New Bottom Line, Occupy SF,  POWER-LA, Pride @ Work, PICO California, ReFund California, and SEIU International, SEIU Local 1021, SEIU United Workers West, SEIU Local 87,  San Francisco Labor Council, We Are Oregon and Enlace.

These actions are also part of 99% Power, a national effort to mobilize well over 10,000 people, from all walks of life and representing the diversity of the 99%, to engage in nonviolent direct action at more than three-dozen corporate shareholder meetings across the country, 

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