Politically Active Ztudents Ask The Auraria Board of Directors to cut ties with Wells Fargo

Sign and Share the Petition by clicking on the following link:  Change.org Auraria Board of Directors Petition

Why This Is Important:

To: The Auraria Board of Directors, Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, Community College of Denver

Ask: We ask that all governing, decision making bodies, and institutions on Auraria campus cut all ties, partnerships, economic etc. and ban Wells Fargo from campus, and issue a public denouncement of Wells Fargo’s profiteering from the private prison industry.

The pledge letter below was created as the means by which Politically Active Ztudents will show to The Auraria Board of Directors, Metropolitan State College of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and the Community College of Denver, that the students and community members of Auraria campus are concerned about the increased criminalization of immigrants and the corporations which profit of off the pain and suffering of human beings.

Please take a second to read and sign the petition. The copy below is the same pledge signed by Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West.

Date: ____________________________

To Members of Auraria Campus,

I am _________________________________, I represent _____________________ at Auraria Campus, and I am an individual concerned about Wells Fargo’s ties to Auraria Campus because of their continued involvement with the private prison industry, specifically the GEO Group (GEO).

GEO is a large private prison company, which profits from the incarceration of people from our community on behalf of the federal and state governments. GEO has financed efforts to criminalize and incarcerate immigrants through immigration laws like those passed in Arizona and Georgia, and immigrants are not alone: communities of color, working class people and youth face higher incarceration rates in Colorado. The size of Colorado’s prison population has increased four-fold in the past 20 years and is expected to grow to over 27,000 people by 2013. Over 24% of all prisoners in Colorado are housed in a private prison, the 9th highest proportion of private prisons in the nation.

These private prisons are profiting from people’s misery and our tax dollars. The laws that GEO Group lobbies for are destroying families for profit. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against private prisons because of the abuse, health care negligence, rape, and death of the people detained. Laws that incentivize detaining immigrants have created a higher level of fear in immigrant communities, often times resulting in a distrust of law enforcement that creates barriers for law enforcement when investigating crimes. This has eroded civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties for all of us.

Ultimately, as representatives of our institution, we come to you respectfully, in hope that you will rightfully represent the students’ best interests. We ask you to cut all ties, ban from campus, as well as publicly denounce Wells Fargo, until Wells Fargo conducts business in an ethical manner.
Therefore, I sign this letter as a pledge to support Politically Active Ztudents (PAZ) in their “Higher Education, Higher Morals, Metro Dump Wells Fargo” Campaign, and we encourage the SGA, SACAB, Student Activities, and the Auraria Board of directors to do the same.
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