SOA Watch Days of Action

We continue to push forward our demands for the closing of the SOA/WHINSEC and an end to U.S. militarization in the Americas. We return to the streets of DC, ready to train, lobby, engage in civil disobedience and celebrate the resistance! Now, it is more important than ever to get anti-militarization on the national agenda and create a broad alliance of social justice activists to change the culture of militarization!

We hope that you will be a part of the activities, and mobilize your networks.

Schedule of Events:
Wednesday, April 11 – Friday, April 13: Direct Action Training Camp in the lead up to the Days of Action – come and learn the skills you’ll need to make election year exciting and get the SOA and militarization on the national agenda!

Saturday, April 14 and Sunday April 15: Strategy Sessions – learn about other struggles, the SOA Watch movement and put heads together to see where we are headed, and how we are going to do it!

Monday, April 16 and Tuesday, April 17: Lobbying on Capitol Hill and street actions. Take what you’ve learned and get your Congress member to cosponsor HR 3368! And don’t forget lively parades in the street, and who doesn’t want to get arrested speaking out for justice??!

Art, culture and music will be an integral part of the mobilization. Visit for more information and updates to the schedule!

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