Action to Stop the Crete Immigration Detention Camp

Resist the Crete Immigration Detention Center
Chicago, IL – Immigrant Families, activists, and supporters will embark on a 3 day walk from Little Village, Chicago to Crete Illinois. This action is a response to the “detention center” planned by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the village of Crete. While immigrant rights advocates have been demanding an end to all deportations and immigration reform, the Obama administration has instead done the opposite; deporting over 1 million immigrants and pushing “Immigration Detention Reform.” ICE is currently planning to build at least five detention centers nationwide located in states that have a high concentration of immigrants (California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and New Jersey)
WHAT: Press Conference to announce a 3-Day walk Action to Crete IL.  
WHEN: Wednesday, March 21st at 10:30 AM
WHERE: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission 3442 W. 26th St. Chicago IL 60623
WHO: Families affected by the immigration system, Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission/Justice Mission, Moratorium on Deportations Campaign (MDC) and other organizations.
ICE is negotiating with the village of Crete and Corrections Corporation of America to build a new Immigrant Detention Center, a prison with the capacity to incarcerate 700-800 immigrants, just South of Chicago. The contract has not yet been signed – and until it is, this new prison can still be stopped. “Our families are being torn apart, so we come together and walk as one large family.” stated the Organizers’ website for the Walk to Crete. “Detention is about an open market in the business of selling human lives – Detention centers are a new prison experiment, an old product re-packaged in new ways.”
Participants in the walk will be available for interviews.
Itinerary for the 3-day Action
For daily updates visit:
Friday, March 30
3PM-4 PM: Departure event
3PM: Gather at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 3442 W 26th St, Chicago
3:30PM march together to Cook County Jail , 26th St and California Ave. RALLY:  a gathering to make commitments about the future we want to build together – one which knows no detention or mass incarceration. Add your own sign. Wish the walkers a good journey!
4:30PM-8PM: Walk through Back of the Yards, Chicago Lawn, Wrightwood, arrive in Evergreen Park
Saturday, March 31
9AM-8PM: Walk through Beverly, Blue Island, Harvey, Homewood, arrive in Chicago Heights – rallies along the way, times/locations TBA
Sunday, April 1
9AM-12PM Arrive in Crete
1PM-4PM Rally and procession in Crete, action at site of proposed Detention Center
6PM-7PM Return to Chicago

Press Contacts
Jose Herrera:             773-632-9992      
Rozalinda Borcila: 813-789-012
Father Jose Landaverde:             773-512-8015      

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