Will the City of Pembroke Pines vote against the Detention Center?

MEDIA ADVISORY: Residents Against Inappropriate Development, Inc.

Will the City of Pembroke Pines vote against the Detention Center?

 Tuesday, March 7, 2012 – The research has been done… the time has come for a decision to be made.  All of the Pembroke Pines Commissioner’s have come out publicly that the city does not agree with this facility being placed in Southwest Ranches.  Their non-contiguous parcel carved out of land that is surrounded by Pembroke Pines homes and schools and unincorporated Broward County.  Even the November 10th, 2011 Politifact article confirms that the City Commissioners have had a vote up or down with regards to the detention center. 

“Let me just say that the longer I sit at this meeting, the angrier I’m getting,” Ortis said. “Many of you who have contacted our office I’ve told you this is a Southwest Ranches issue. We don’t have a vote in it. Let me just finish. We don’t have a vote in it. This is what happens when you don’t go to the people first.”  This claim was rated mostly false and showed the pattern the City Commissioner’s have taken in supporting the prisons progression through the years.

Now that the Commissioner’s have done their homework with workshops and independent attorney opinions, they have to now align themselves with their constituency’s wishes who want nothing to do with Southwest Ranches, nor their Detention Center.  They have even written letters against this facility to Director John Morton and a Resolution to the President of the United States stating they are against this facility.

Tomorrow we will see which side of the fence the Commissioners will land on Wednesday at this D-Day City Commission meeting.  Will they side with the 14 Fire Fighters to keep the contract in place and thus progressing this prison scheme? Or will they side with the thousands of homeowners, residents, parents and children located in West Pembroke Pines?  Attend the meeting on Wednesday at 6:30pm to find out!

In addition to this important meeting, many residents are planning on attending a Protest against the ICE Facility in front of the DHS Border Security office on Thursday, March 8th at 7pm. Facility located at 15720 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, FL.

MEDIA CONTACTS: Shirley Merchant (754) 223-9707



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