For month’s Sheriff Monks has been pushing forward a massive jail expansion proposal in San Mateo.  According to the ACLU of Northern California, 71% of the people in the county’s jails are being held while they wait for a hearing or a trial. This means that many of these people are in jail because they are too poor to afford bail.

Help us demand real solutions for San Mateo County by pushing for the County to support reentry and reduce the number of people in the jail instead of wasting millions of dollars to build a new one!  

Click here to weigh-in on San Mateo County’s Realignment Implementation Plan by Wednesday, Feb. 8th at 4:00pm! 


Below are some helpful talking points. You may copy and paste them directly into the form or customize:

  • We could avoid costly jail expansion in San Mateo County if we provide drug treatment and/or mental health counseling for newly-sentenced individuals with addiction problems instead of imprisoning them.
  • We could avoid costly jail expansion in San Mateo County if we expand the county’s pre-trial release program to allow defendants to be released on their own recognizance. This is far less expensive than jail.
  • We could avoid costly jail expansion in San Mateo County if we expand alternative sentencing and alternatives to imprisonment for people who have been convicted of low level offenses.
  • San Mateo County should prioritize funding for Community Based Organizations, not the Sheriff and Probation departments, to provide these services.
  • San Mateo County needs to Ban The Box on employment applications, greatly reducing recidivism for those coming home from lock-up and reducing overall imprisonment in our county.


Speak Out!

Join CURB at Upcoming San Mateo

Realignment Meetings at  455 County Center, Room 101

in Redwood City.

  • Feb 9th: San Mateo Community Corrections Partnership meeting to discuss submissions from public on draft plan 2:00-5:00pm;
  • Feb. 23rd: CCP Executive Committee votes on the plan: Full CCP committee meeting from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. CCP executive meeting from 4:00pm to 5:00pm;
  • April 10th: ALL OUT to Board of Supervisors meeting! Plan will be presented for final vote.

*For more information for the San Mateo County Community Corrections Partnership, visit:   


Join us in the fight to save  San Mateo County!

Contact organizer Manuel La Fontaine to find out how to join the mobilizing efforts.

Say NO to jail expansion in San Mateo County and NO to jail expansion throughout California!




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