Take Action to Help Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole!

Four men: As a teenagers, they were convicted of murder. Each could have been sentenced to life in prison without parole: a sentence to die in prison. Instead, they got different sentences, and the chance to work towards parole and prove they merited a chance to be back in the community. Now, after serving lengthy prison sentences, these men are out and giving back to the community. The way they grew, changed, and matured after their crime demonstrates the potential of young people. Continue reading to find out how you can take action.

The US is the only country in the world to still sentence people under the age of 18 years old to prison. Nationally there are more than 2,500 such cases. In California, there are over 300. For more information about changing the law and giving youth a second chance, please go to http://www.fairsentencingforyouth.org

Take Action

Email or call your Assembly Member and urge him or her to watch the videos and vote yes on SB 9! Find who represents you here, and look below to find your Assembly Member’s email and telephone number. Here’s a sample email:

Dear Assembly Member:

I am a constituent and am writing to urge you to vote yes on SB 9. Please watch these short videos: In one, murder victim family members talk about why they believe SB 9 should pass, and in the other, people who as teens could have been sentenced to life without parole tell how they instead got different sentences, served time, and are now out and contributing to their communities.  www.bit.ly/Victims_Speak    www.bit.ly/A_Second_Chance_Looks_Like

Young people deserve the chance to prove they have grown, matured, and changed. Please support SB 9.

Sincerely,  (Your name and address)

For more information and things you can do: www.fairsentencingforyouth.org

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