Students Demand Wells Fargo Get the Boot from Campus #Jan24DIVEST

Watch the News Report from Univision Did this poem for PAZ, Politically Active Ztudents, a group at Metro (MSCD) on the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO for Give The Bank The Boot Jan. 24 National Day of Action. They are asking their school to divest/cut off all ties as well as publically denounce Wells Fargo until Wells Fargo conducts business in an ethical manner.

Wells Fargo’s investments and profits come from the private prison industry, Corrections Corporations of America (CCA) and GEO Group. These malicious corporations lobby law-makers in making laws that are anti-immigrant and promote racial profiling. Full prisons and detention centers equal $$$ for Wells Fargo. For more info:

The stats/info in my piece come from when I was working on immigration reform in Washington, DC as well as from

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