Dump Wells Fargo #Jan24DIVEST

Tuesday, January 24 at 11:30 a.m.
Wells Fargo, 2 Peachtree, Atlanta, GA (near the 5 Points MARTA station)
Who? Georgia Detention Watch, Occupy Atlanta, ABLE and anyone else!
What? An action to urge people to move their accounts and safety deposit boxes from Wells Fargo, a major investor in Corrections Corporation of America and GEO. Both companies promote, build, manage and profit from private prisons where immigrants are detained.
Why? We want Wells Fargo, like the United Methodist Church Pension Fund and other entities, to divest from CCA on moral grounds.

The Private Prison Divestment Campaign brings to light the connections between Wall Street, Immigration, and the prison industrial complex. 

In October 2011 campaign partners around the US participated in “Occupy Wall Street” actions, highlighting the role of for-profit prison indust ry and its investors (including Wells Fargo and Bank of America) in the proliferation of anti-immigrant laws and policies. Arizona-style laws have filled detention centers, increasing profits to these corporations at the cost of human misery.

2 thoughts on “Dump Wells Fargo #Jan24DIVEST

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