Action Alert: Urge DHS & ICE to keep Asheville families together #NNIRR

“Queremos que todo el mundo sepa lo que nos esta pasando | We want the world to know what is happening to us” –family member of detained worker

On November 29, 2011, as families prepared for the holidays, ICE arrested 12 workers in a workplace raid at the Shogun Buffet in Asheville, North Carolina. Nine have been released on bond, three are still detained, and all face deportation.

NNIRR members in Asheville, North Carolina who are part of the 100 Stories Project (including Coalicion de Organizaciones Latinoamericanas (COLA), Nuestro Centro / Defensa Comunitaria, Center for Participatory Change and others) are organizing with affected families and communities.

Show your Solidarity with Shogun Buffet workers:

Call ICE & DHS and tell them to stop the deportation and close the cases of all 12 workers.

Call DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, 202-282-8495

and ICE Secretary John Morton, 202-732-3000

Sample Script: Hi, my name is ________ from (city, state) and I am calling to urge you to stop the deportation of the 12 workers who were arrested two weeks ago at Shogun Buffet in Asheville, North Carolina. The Department of Labor has an open investigation at the restaurant for workplace abuses, and yet it is the workers who are being punished and treated harshly. I urge you to keep these families together by closing the deportation cases of all 12 workers. Thank you.

En español: Hola, mi nombre es _________ y estoy llamando de (ciudad, estado) para exigir que paren la deportacion de los 12 trabajadores que fueron arrestados hace dos semanas en el restaurant Shogun Buffet en Asheville, Norte Carolina. El Departamento de Labor tiene una investigacion contra el restaurant por abusos laborales, y sin embargo los trabajadores y sus familias son quienes sufren las mayor consecuencia. Le exigo que mantengan unidas a estas familias y que cierren los casos de deportacion de los 12 trabajadores. Gracias

Please let us know how it went! Por favor dejenos saber como le fue.

Read Community Press Releases for more info:

November 30, 2011: “ICE Raid Destroys Holiday for Local Families | Redada de ICE Destruye Dias Festivos Para Familias Locales”

December 7, 2011: “Community Group Calls for Release of Shogun Employees – Grupo Comunitario Exige la Libertad de los Empleados de Shogun”


Local Action:

This Sunday, December 18th: International Migrants Day, Defensa Comunitaria and the Asheville community invites you to join and march with the Shogun Buffet workers and their families to demand:

> That all 12 deportation cases are dropped and closed

> That our rights as workers are respected

> That Obama keeps his promise. We need immigration reform that is humane, with dignity for all.

> That ICE stops criminalizing us. No more raids and an end to deportations. We want ICE out of Asheville, out of North Carolina, and out of our communities!

March for Immigrant Workers Rights

Where: Vance Monument in Downtown Asheville
When: Sunday, December 18th
Time: 1pm

FB Event page:

See COLA’s FB page:

See Nuestro Centro FB page:

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