Residents Demand No More For-Profit Prisons!

This Wednesday 12/14 at 7:00 pm in room 506 at the Hall of Records in Newark,the Essex County Freeholders will again discuss the awarding of the sub-contract for immigration detention to the non-profit affiliate of Community Education Centers (CEC).


  • We will have plenty of supporters of immigrant rights calling for an end to detention
  • John Clancy the CEO of CEC will be on hand
  • We will present the freeholders with hundreds more signatures on the petition to revoke the ICE contract.

Please join us if you can this Wed 12/14 at 7:00 pm at The Hall of Records (465 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Room 506, Newark, NJ)

Watch the video from the last Freeholder Meeting

Bring a sign (but without a post please).

Tell the freeholders that:

  • They need to stop selling out to 1 percenters like John Clancy
  • We are saying NO to prisons for profit
  • We need jobs not jails
  • Immigrants are the 99%

AND don’t forget to tell your friends and family to sign the on-line petition to stop the expansion of immigration detention in NJ

If you can’t come and you have signed the petition already please send an email or call the freeholders & voice your opposition to immigration detention, particularly immigration detention for profit.  

Blonnie Watson             Email: Phone: 973-621-4473

Ralph Caputo                 Email:                 Phone: 973-621-4479

Rufus Johnson               Email:               Phone: 973-621-4483

Patricia Sebold              Email:                Phone: 973-621-4484

Donald Payne, Jr.          Email:                 Phone: 973-621-4467

Rolando Bobadilla          Email: Phone: 973-621-4477

D. Bilal Beasley             Email: Phone: 973-621-6457

Carol Clark                    Email:                   Phone: 973-621-5680

Len Luciano                   Email:                Phone: 973-621-4481

1 thought on “Residents Demand No More For-Profit Prisons!

    The Essex County Freeholders have posted the for-profit immigration detention sub-contract to the agenda as an action item for tomorrow night. This means they can and likely will vote on the contract at tomorrow night’s meeting.

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