CCA Go Way: Say NO to For-Profit Prisons! #FLIC #Florida

We are a group of residents and advocates working together to stop the new immigration detention center Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) wants to build in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

The detention center will be located just west of 196 Ave, between Sheridan St and Stirling Rd. The land is within the jurisdiction of Southwest Ranches, but it is contiguous to Pembroke Pines and only five minutes away from Weston neighborhoods. It will be one of the largest detention centers in the country with capacity of up to 2,000 beds.

Our reasons against it are varied. The residents do not want a prison in their backyard, because it affects their lifestyle and the value of their homes. Immigrant advocates claim that a new detention center will only increase unfair detentions and separation of families. Many others simply consider it outrageous to spend millions during hard economic times, specially when a billionaire prison company like CCA will profit millions from our money.

At the end, we share the same values of family and community, and we know that having a prison as a neighbor will not make our communities safer.

The opposition is growing. Join us and support our campaign, until we make sure that CCA goes away!

Contact us!

Are you a resident? Send an e-mail to

Want to have more information? Write to

Visit the CCA Go Away website or the Facebook Page

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