October National Month of Action

This month people all over the US have been participating in “Occupy Wall Street” actions, taking back various public spaces and being met with severe police repression.

The Prison Divestment Campaign brings to light the connections between Wall Street, Immigration, and the Prison Industrial Complex. We have to keep working together, forming new strategic alliances and exposing Wall Street as the problem so that we can shift the immigration debate.

Enlace has been working on exposing Wall Street for its involvement in the Mexico economic crisis of the 1990’s and the current US and global financial crisis.  You can click here to read an article by Peter Cervantes-Gautschi titled “Wall Street and Immigration: Financial Services Giants Have Profited from the Beginning”, this piece exposes Wall Street as the main culprit in the Mexican financial crisis. You can also read Mr. Cervantes-Gautschi’s article “Wall Street and the Criminalization of Immigrants” published last year on the growing role of Wall Street financial institutions and big banks in anti-immigrant laws and policies. For more tools connecting Wall Street and Immigration, please contact Daniel Carrillo at Daniel@enlaceintl.org or 213-284-3802.

In October actions have already been organized targeting big banks like Wells Fargo for their ongoing involvement in lobbying and financing anti-immigrant laws and policies, and then reaping millions in profit from separating families.  Actions are scheduled to happen in over 12 states throughout the month. Visit the campaign website for updated information on how to participate.  Join this growing movement targeting Wall Street and Big Banks in the fight to end criminalization of our communities.

Actions will happen in the following states throughout the month:

ArizonaTucson November 1st

California Los Angeles October 5th & 19th and Nov 9th

-San Francisco October 12th

-Oakland November 5th

ColoradoDenver October 25th & 28th and Nov 7th

Florida-Miami November 1st & 5th

KansasWichita October 29th & 31st

MinnesotaMinneapolis October 15th

New York Long Island October 29th

-Manhattan October 29th

OregonPortland October 29th

Texas- Austin November 5th

Washington- Seattle October 29th

Contact Daniel Carrillo at Daniel@enlaceintl.org or 213-284-3802 for information on hosting an action, teach-in, or other event this month and join the fight!

Abolish Prisons! Free All Immigrants in Detention!

Stop the Raids and Deportations!



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