Tell Obama: Take Action to Stop Racial Profiling

Over the past ten years racial profiling has expanded and now affects many communities of color in the United States. Tell President Obama that it’s time to step up and stop racial profiling now! Sign the petition above, or print the petition to collect signatures at your upcoming event.  Racial profiling has increased the prison population, and has been a main feature of SB1070 copycat laws that have been financed by For-Profit Prison Firms and their Major Investors like Wells Fargo and General Electric.

President Obama has the power to stop racial profiling by telling the Department of Justice to strengthen its guidelines on racial profiling, by supporting the End Racial Profiling Act, and by ending programs where local police are involved in civil immigration enforcement.

Sign the petition now!

As a Senator, Obama co-sponsored the “End Racial Profiling Act.” As a presidential candidate, he promised to sign legislation to ban racial profiling. As president, it’s time for Obama show leadership and take action to stop racial profiling.

For more information visit the Rights Working Group

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