Stop the Madera Prison NOW!

Taxpayers in Madera County demand that local, city, county and state policy makers stop any proposed plans to build, construct/expand any facility to incarcerate people in Madera County, California. California can’t afford AB900 CALIFORNIAS LARGEST PRISON AND JAIL EXPANSION PLAN! Madera can’t afford to invest in Californias largest jails and prisons expansion project ever. Madera faces huge budget cuts, forced schools closures, reduced or eliminated city, county and educational services, and lay-offs in all of these areas. Madera’s prison/jail project places unnecessary burden on our local economy, infrastructure and will negatively impact an already stressed environmental health factors in Madera. Ignoring our water shortage, unhealthy land use, bad air quality and stressed sewage makes our county leaders look real bad. They deny our communities’ right to have access to a  quality of life to raise healthy families. We, the undersigned, adamantly oppose this project and urge the Madera leaders and stakeholders to stop this project immediately.


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