July 1st National Day of Action in solidarity with Georgia

July 1st National Day of Action in Solidarity with Georgia

On July 1st the Arizona copycat law HB87 is set to be implemented in Georgia. Just like last year when SB 1070 was signed into law in Arizona, once again the private prison industry has played a powerful force in lobbying for anti-immigrant legislation for profit.  Private Prisons and their major investors made contributions to the GA Governor, GA Attorney General, and the sponsor of HB87, among other key politicians.

Enlace and community partners across the US involved in the National Prison Industry Divestment Campaign are calling for a National Day of Action on July 1st in solidarity with Georgia. Repeal HB87! We will not comply!

The National Prison Industry Divestment Campaign is working to expose the profiteering of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group, the biggest private prison companies in the US, who are making millions off the separation and incarceration of immigrants and communities of color at the expense of our tax dollars. We are calling on all prison shareholders to divest from the prison industry. End the deportations and the raids! Abolish Prisons! Free All Immigrants in Detention! Legalization Now!

For more information please contact Enlace at info@enlaceintl.org or 213-284-3802.

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  • Atlanta, GA: July 1st Day Without Immigrants, July 2nd Rally 10am EST at State Capital Downtown Atlanta
  • Bay Area, CA: July 1st 10am PST Rally and Street Theatre at Wells Fargo (464 California St, San Francisco)
  • Denver, CO: July 1st 11am MST March to Wells Fargo, Meet at RAP office 1400 Dayton St (14th and Dayton)
  • Indiana: June 30th 5pm EST Protest at Indiana State House South Steps (200 W Washington St)
  • Kansas: July 1st 12:30pm CST Press Conference at Wells Fargo (300 South Main Street, Wichita)
  • Los Angeles, CA: July 1st 4pm PST Rally and Street Theatre at Wells Fargo Plaza (333 S Grand Ave)
  • Miami, FL: July 1st2pm EST Street Theatre Action at Wells Fargo (333 Southeast 2nd Avenue across James L Center)
  • New Jersey: July 2nd 9:30am EST March starts at St. Mary of the Assumption (155 Washington St., Elizabeth), March ending at City Hall of Elizabeth (50 Winfield Scott Plaza, Elizabeth)
  • New York, NY– July 1st 11:30am EST Action at Wells Fargo (457 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn) AND 11am EST at Wells Fargo (145 Fulton Ave, Hempstead)
  • TennesseeJuly 1st at 12pm CST at Wells Fargo (230 4th Avenue N. #200 Nashville)
  • Texas: July 1st from 12-1pm CST at Wells Fargo (111 Congress Ave, Austin)
  • Tucson, AZ: July 1st Rally and Press Conference 4pm MST at Downtown Wells Fargo (150 N Avenida Stone)
  • Utah– Information to come soon
  • Virginia: July 1st Delegation at 12pm EST to Wells Fargo (Meet at 1006 Richmond RD, Williamsburg)
  • Washington: July 1st Delegation 9am PST at Wells Fargo (2101 Woburn Street, Bellingham)

Other Georgia Solidarity Actions: NDLON is mobilizing community members on July 2nd

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