National Petition Demanding National Moratorium on S-Comm

NDLON and partner organizations have started an online petition demanding a National Moratorium on Secure Communities. This comes after great victories in Illinois and New York, who have opted out of S-Comm.

Image via Families for Freedom

Private Prisons spend millions lobbying for anti-immigrant laws and policies like S-Comm, which increase prison populations.  These laws and policies use racial profiling to criminalize our communities, while private prisons like CCA and GEO make millions off the separation and incarceration of families at tax payer expense.  Prison investors like Wells Fargo and General Electric help finance these private prison companies, securing a share of the profits from imprisoning immigrants and people of color.

Sign the Petition to tell the Obama administration and Janet Napolitano to immediately launch an investigation and enact a moratorium on the so-called “Secure Communities” program.

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