Nashville Action 5/12/11

Go into Work Late this Thursday and Join Us! (Read to the end for the latest on SB 1380, the Arizona Copycat bill.)

What: Demonstration at Shareholders’ Meeting Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)

When:  THIS Thursday May, 12 at 9:30 a.m.

Where: Corporate Headquarters, CCA, 10 Burton Hills Drive, Nashville, TN 37215

When every inmate is a $100 bill a day, prison industry executives will do anything they can to keep profits coming.

Over one million immigrant men, women and children have been arrested and detained over the past 3 years.  Most of them have not committed any criminal offense.   The result:  business has been booming for CCA.  The largest prison company in the nation, CCA owns 46% of the private prison space in the US–exactly why the corporation has relentlessly lobbied both federal and state lawmakers to push policies which would expand the private prison industry.  CCA spends an average of $1 to $2 million a year to guard its interest in expanding private prisons and keep the profits flowing, all funded by hedge funds, retirement funds, and bailed-out megabanks.
Just last year, CEO Damon Hininger told investors that declines in prisoner populations was a “business risk” and that locking up illegal immigrants will provide “meaningful opportunity for the industry for the foreseeable future.”  Immigrants are just the latest market in the dirty business of the for-profit prison industry, when the profit motive turns a blind eye to the suffering of immigrant families.  Join brave families and community members as they tell their stories of families torn apart, babies with medical conditions left without fathers, and children crying in school for the parents they’ve lost.

Come out this Thursday to the shareholders’ meeting to demand an end to the private prison industry and the criminalization of immigrants.

For more information call 615-585-0499 or email (Mid TN), (West TN), or (East TN) for a ride to Nashville this Thursday.

Meanwhile, join us at the Legislature Wednesday 5/11 at 10 a.m. in LP 29 and fill the hearing room of the House Finance Subcommittee as they debate SB 1380, the Arizona Copycat, the latest attempt to fill the prison beds in Tennessee!

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