Campaign Updates

ENLACE-POSTER_outline_campaign11x85The Prison Divestment Campaign began in 2011 from the need to launch a comprehensive strategy to decriminalize immigrants and people of color, end detention, end mass incarceration, and demilitarize the border. It was not only Politicians that we needed to target, but also Private Prisons and Wall Street who were the other powerful force behind mass incarceration, the police state, immigrant detention, and deportation. The Campaign has since expanded, looking at how the private prison industry works to divide communities of color. We are building strong multiracial coalitions, emphasizing Black and Brown unity, to combat mass incarceration and immigration enforcement. Enlace brings together organizations working on immigrant rights, criminal justice, another social justice groups to end mass incarceration and achieve legalization for all immigrants. For additional information visit Enlace’s webpage

National Convening to End Mass Incarceration, Deportations & Detention

Hundreds came together having seen that all of our communities are being criminalized, killed, deported, and incarcerated. We demonstrated our unity in a collectively-led action outside the headquarters of GEO Group, a corporation that globally collaborates with governments to advance criminalization, deportation, and incarceration of communities of color and immigrants.

In 16 workshops and 6 strategy sessions, youth leaders, immigrant leaders, formerly incarcerated leaders, Black leaders, LGBTQ leaders, and labor leaders shared strategies that they are using to weaken the prison industry and fight for liberation. The Advancement Project developed amazing graphics on the impact of the prison industry lobby on mass incarceration and on GEO Group’s role in the passage of leglislation to increase immigrant detention. Check out photos from the workshops and the strategy session of this historic movement building moment.

Oct 16th Natl #PrisonDivest Campaign Call

$204 million a day is spent on incarceration & detention.  $142,000 per minute is spent on incarceration & detention. $2,360 per second spent on incarceration & detention.

We are inviting you to join us for the VERY FIRST National Prison Divestment call on October 16th, 11am PT/1pm CT/2pm ET. This is intended to be an active space for #PrisonDivest organizers across the country to share experiences, troubleshoot any challenges, and access resources to strengthen their campaigns.

RSVP TODAY BY REGISTERING THROUGH THIS LINK! We will send out the call information and agenda only after you register, so please make sure to do so!


End Criminalization of All Communities

Northeast Prison Divest Convening
Youth, LGBTQI, Faith, Prison Abolitionist, Immigrants, Unions, and other community members from the Northeast region will gather Saturday Sept 12th from 9:30am- 5:30pm at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton St, Brooklyn, NY 11222).  Click here to register and visit the facebook event page.
Northeast Prison Divestment ConferencePrison Divest community activists and organizers will gather to learn the link between prisons, police, and detention; LGBTQI Abolition; Solitary Confinement; the Prison Lobby; and University campaigns. The convening will provide participants with ongoing organizing and research skill development to strengthen campaign strategies and tactics. We will provide political education workshops around the complexity around the public-private partnership thriving in the prison industrial complex, organizing at the intersection of detention and incarceration, and how criminalization is used for social control.
Join us in building a movement to end criminalization of all communities through a mix of campaign targeting state and corporate forces that create and profit from racist laws.

Event hosted by Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Families for Freedom, Responsible Endowments Coalition, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, and Enlace.

Video: GEO Group sees people of color and immigrants as profits

Activists Call Attention to L.A. County’s Investments and Collaboration with Private Prison Corporations

LA Divest launchAugust 10, 2015, Los Angeles – A collaboration of immigrant, Black, criminal justice, labor, and student communities in Los Angeles County launched the LA Divest Campaign with an action to GEO Group Western Regional Headquarters on August 7th. The Campaign demands that L.A. County divest from prisons and jails and that they reinvest in our communities. The Campaign exposes the county’s collusion with the private prison industry and corporate entities whose business it is to build more prisons and jails.

During a press conference and action at the Howard Hughes Center which owns the building of GEO Group’s office, organizers from Enlace, Immigrant Youth Coalition, Afrikan Black Coalition, and Familia Trans Queer Liberation Movement, spoke out alongside formerly detained immigrants part of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement. Jennicet Gutiérrez, who interrupted President Obama’s Pride press conference in June, said at the rally, “GEO is making profit’s off of our bodies and treating us horribly and inhumanely. So we’re joining #LAdivest and putting pressure on LA County.” Continue reading

Immigrants and People of Color to Decide Where Portland Invests Money 

For Immediate Release | JULY 8, 2015

Multi-racial Portland Coalition Celebrates City’s First Step to Divestment from Prisons

PORTLAND, Ore. –Today the City Portland institutes a new Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) Committee becoming the first city in the country to include people of color to oversee its investments due to the demands of family and friends of immigrants detained at a GEO Group facility, a historic victory in the national Prison Divestment Campaign. Just last month, Columbia University became the first university to divest from private prisons. Using divestment, public Institutions and local cities are denouncing private prisons, sending a massive blow to an industry that thrives on using tax dollars to lobby for laws to detain and deport communities for massive profit.  Continue reading

Columbia University Divests from Prisons

Prison Divestment Campaign Celebrates Victory at Columbia University

Multi-racial National Coalition Celebrates Columbia University’s Divestment from Prisons

NEW YORK, NY – Responding to 16 months of organizing led by Columbia Prison Divest and supported by the national Prison Divestment Campaign, the Columbia University Board of Trustees decided yesterday to divest from prisons. The student and national campaigns demand and organize for prison divestment because of the active role private prisons play in lobbying to criminalize communities of color and immigrants. Columbia will be the first university in the country to divest its endowment from the private prison industry.

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Student Organizing Results in Columbia University Becoming First to Divest from Private Prison Industry

On Monday June 22nd, following sixteen months of relentless student activism, the Columbia University Board of Trustees announced its decision to divest from the private prison industry and institute a policy banning reinvestment in companies that operate prisons. This decision makes Columbia the very first university to divest from the private prison industry.

“We targeted the university’s investments in two private prison companies, but we hope that private prison divestment campaigns, with the abolitionist vision of a larger anti-prison movement, can help us start working towards divesting from the idea that prisons equal justice, which we believe to be fundamentally racist.” – Dunni Oduyemi

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