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Prisons, policing, detention. We fight to defund these institutions, shrink them, delegitimize them. We are skilled in the language of “no” – we have been in the streets, at City Halls, at jails and detention centers. But how do we strengthen our ability to say, believe and truly commit to “yes?” 

Envisioning Abolition webinars

Register here to join our next webinar: Liberated Ways to Address Harm and Hurting, on March 12th at 11am PST / 2pm EST.

In our first webinar, adrienne marie brown asked us to flex our imaginations and step into the transformed world we’re fighting for. What are true abolitionist solutions to generating safety? How do we scale those up so they become real viable alternatives to prisons, policing, and detention? Can we imagine this alternate future? Can we close our eyes and taste it, feel it?

Images created by Mon Mohapatra 

As we dream, we are folding in lessons from the Just Transition framework, which provides a blueprint to DIVEST from our current extractive economy and REINVEST in a regenerative, caring economy.

The prisons and detention centers we are shutting down have finance streams that come from stolen land and stolen labor. We need to return those resources to re-generate community well-being. That is, we need plans with budgets to invest in what we need, not to generate profit for the few.

If, like us, you are ready to leap into our collective “yes” – to use our intuition, creativity, and labor to redefine safety, to build a world without prisons, join us for the next webinar in our series.

Liberated responses to Harm and Hurting

A webinar conversation with movement leaders from the fields of transformative justice, healing justice, and prison abolition .


  • Mariame Kaba, Survived and Punished
  • Mia Mingus, Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective
  • Nathaniel Shara, generative somatics
  • Xochitl Bervera, Racial Justice Action Center

This series is brought to you by: Freedom Cities, Freedom to Thrive, Movement Generation, New Economy Coalition, Climate Justice Alliance, Black Alliance for Just Immigration & Reinvest in Our Power, Ella Baker Center, Million Hoodies, PolicyLink, and the Center for Community Change.

This webinar is filling up fast, and is likely to hit our maximum capacity of 500! Register today to participate. If you register after we have hit our max, we will add you to the waitlist, and can share the webinar recording afterwards.

Date: March 12, 2019

Time: 11am to 12:30pm PST

2pm to 3:30pm EST


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