Private Prison Firms and Wells Fargo among forces behind Georgia’s HB87

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July 1st, 2011: Protests against Prison Industry in Solidarity with Georgia

 What: Community and labor groups take to the streets on July 1st the day new anti-immigrant law is set to be implemented in Georgia. This legislation accelerates the detention of immigrants. Protesters demand that major shareholders divest their holdings in the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group (Geo), private prison companies that run immigrant detention centers and prisons for the U.S. government. Private Prisons and investors are set to reach record profits from HB87, having also made contributions to key politicians.

When: Friday July 1st


111 Congress Ave, Austin, TX at 12-1pm CST

Day Without Immigrants, Atlanta, GA

2101 Woburn Street, Bellingham, Wa at 9am PST

1400 Dayton St, Denver, CO at 11am CST

155 Washing St. Elizabeth, NJ at 9:30amEST (July 2nd)

145 Fulton Ave, Hempstead, NY at 11am EST

333 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA at 4pm PST

333 Southeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL at 2pm EST

230 4th Avenue N. #200 Nashville, TN at 12pm CST

457 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY at 11:30am EST

464 California St, San Francisco, CA at 10am PST

150 N Avenida Stone, Tucson, AZ at 4pm MST

300 South Main Street, Wichita, KS at 12:30pm CST

1006 Richmond RD, Williamsburg, VA. At 12pm EST

Community and labor groups are taking to the streets on Friday July 1st in thirteen major cities in solidarity with immigrants’ families and friends in Georgia. Private prison companies and some of their major shareholders made substantial contributions to politicians involved in getting the anti-immigrant law, HB 87, enacted: Governor Nathan Deal, State Senator Bill Hamrick, Attorney General Sam Olens and others.

Protestors will demand divestment of private and public holdings in the private prison industry. This industry relies on taxpayers for its income by lobbying for harsher immigrant incarceration policies. These policies have driven up prison populations while crime rates dropped, thereby straining tight state and federal budgets.

Detentions of immigrants are set to cost taxpayers billions of dollars this year while profiting Manhattan-based hedge fund managers and other finance industry leaders like Wells Fargo that have significant interests in the growth of private prison industry.

The private prison industry, in league with its major investors, is working to increase the criminalization of our communities to further overpopulate our prisons, through lobbying efforts that increase incarcerations by the federal government and by states such as Arizona and Georgia, which have passed legislation that accelerates the detention of immigrants.

These groups, in partnership with community groups and unions across the US, are calling on all public and private institutions to divest their holdings in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group, America’s largest private prison corporations which have profited from $ billions in taxpayer money.  Pershing Square Capital Management has already divested all of its holdings from CCA, paving the way for investors to follow.

“We call on all institutional investors to follow the laudable example of Pershing Square Capital and divest all shares held in the Geo Group and CCA .” said Peter Cervantes-Gautschi of Enlace, an alliance of low wage labor groups in the US and Mexico.

Major investors in the private prison industry include Wellington Management Company, Vanguard, Wells Fargo Bank, General Electric, Fidelity and others.


Please contact:

National- Peter Cervantes-Gautschi 503-295-6466

Austin, TX- Bob Libal 512-971-0487

Atlanta, GA- Azadeh Shahshahani 404-574-0851

Bellingham, WA- Caroline Correa 360-647-1232

Denver, CO- Liz Hamel 303-893-3500

Elizabeth, New Jersey- Kathy O’Leary 973-610-1684

Hempstead, NY- Omar Angel Perez 347-406-1373

Los Angeles, CA- Daniel Carrillo 323-514-4048

Miami, FA- Diego Sanchez 954-444-0032 –

Nashville, TN- Jenna Hippensteel at 615-584-1459 or Calle Fielden at 678-524-0941

New York, NY- Grace Goldfarb 413-446 3851

Salt Lake City, UT- Melodía Gutierrez 404-831-9335

San Francisco, CA- Li Morales 650-387-7908

Tucson, AZ- Raul Alcaraz 520-304-1461

Wichita, KS- Louis Goseland 316-204-4315

Williamsburg, VA- KB Brower 610-308-7161

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